Congressman Bruce Westerman speaks at Hempstead Hall

A large crowd listened intently as Fourth District Congressman Bruce Westerman  spent close to an hour briefing the crowd on topics he holds dear and of which he wants to keep the people of Arkansas informed.

” It is good to be around normal people again,” he said humorously, eluding to the fact that he just may have been in too many conference rooms with too many government officials too long.

When asked in a short after speech interview what were the main points he hoped that he had gotten across today,  the Congressman said  there is “a lot more going on in in DC than what you re getting on the national news.”

Secondly he mentioned that “our debt and deficit spending has to be addressed.” Lastly but of great importance to Westerman, who holds a degree in forestry,  he said,  “And the administration and a lot of members of congress are working hard for rural America.” He mentioned a few things such as agriculture and trade, but said “all” things affecting rural areas are being addressed.

He  took time to discuss issues  individually with citizens after he  had spoken. He took on topics concerning local veterans, and different funding questions.



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