Contestants At Hope Watermelon Pageant Entertain the Crowd

Tiny Miss Hope Watermelon winner, Harper Rae McMahon, entertains the crowd

The guys and gals at the Miss and Mister Hope Watermelon Pageant wowed the audience members and judges tonight displaying their Hope Watermelon pride. Some had big smiles, others had big waves, a few put on a little happy dance, and one contestant even produced sound effects for his audience’s approval! Getting in the spirit of this Watermelon Festival season has never been easier.

The night was divided into two sections with the younger contestants competing first. First up were the Baby Miss, Baby Mister, Toddler Miss, Tiny Miss, and Tiny Mister categories. All were cute as could be, putting on their best smile for the auditorium full of people, but a few stole the show. Tiny Miss contestant Harper Rae McMahon danced her way across the stage grandly waving, blowing kisses, and making sweet faces at the crowd. With her impromptu show filled of enthusiastic moves, it’s no wonder she won her category. In the Tiny Mister category, Keegan Wesley brought his pet dinosaur to the stage and amused the audience with dinosaur growls; he won Mr. Photogenic in his category. Parker Harris, who won the Tiny Mister category, entertained the crowd with funny antics, even more so when his name was announced the winner. These tiny tots already know the meaning of showmanship and they did not disappoint.

The second half of the night included the categories Little Miss, Young Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss Hope Watermelon. During this half of the evening, the girls dazzled the crowd with their smiles and watermelon-themed attire. Proud parents looked on as each group took the stage. Before announcing the winners of these categories, the winner of the People’s Choice Award, which was voted on by the audience, was announced: Riley Elledge! As the night came to a close, and all category winners were announced, the kids’ excitement, however, was only beginning. There are still many more events to come in this Watermelon Festival season and the fun has just begun!

Full list of categories and winners:

Baby Miss Photogenic- Kylie Stevens

1stRU-Amelia DeVenney

Winner- Kylie Brielle Stevens

Baby Mister Photogenic- Huxley Ray Dauzat

1stRU- Huxley Ray Dauzat

Winner- Jaxon Dixon

Toddler Miss Photogenic-Isabella Dominguez 

1stRU- Kalyse Conway 

Winner- Everly Sisson

Tiny Miss Photogenic- Piper Burns

1stRU- Kenzley Flowers

Winner-Harper Rae McMahan

Tiny Mister Photogenic- Keegan Muntez Wesley 

1stRU-Liam Kyle Loe

Winner- Parker Harris 

Little Miss Photogenic- Hayzley Flowers

1stRU- HazleyFlowers

Winner- Abigail Harris

Young Miss Photogenic- Kenzi Burns

1stRU- Grace Lyana Smillie

Winner- Kenzi Diane Burns

Junior Miss Photogenic & Winner- Carly Grace West

Miss Hope Watermelon Photogenic & Winner- Riley Elledge

People’s Choice Award– Riley Elledge

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