Cornelia’s Blessing Box

If you stop by 1309 W First Street North in Prescott, beside Sonic, you’ll see a large blessing box filled with non-perishable items that are available to anyone in the Prescott area who is in need.

Although the goods are for the community, they are also donated by the community. Citizens in the Prescott area have banded together to lend a helping hand during this trying time. The resources in the blessing box are meant to benefit those who may be struggling and just need a little aid in order to prepare a meal or two before their next paycheck.

On Cornelia’s Blessing Box Facebook page, they ask that you only take what you/your family need so they can serve as many as possible. The box is being monitored often and food is being replenished as contributions become obtainable.

“Our prayer is that these items will bless you and your family and that those who are able to contribute are blessed in return,” Cornelia’s Blessing Box Coordinator said.

The coordinator and her sister would like to thank the citizens of Prescott for pulling together to help make this happen. She had seen blessing boxes pop up all over the country and really wanted to have one within her own community, and now, thanks to the incredible outpouring of love, support and donations, that has become a reality.

“Cornelia was my mother in law’s name, she’s been gone several years but she was just well known for trying to stuff you with something before you left her house. She hated to see anyone go hungry so I just thought that was a fitting name. That plus the place that we put it belongs to my husband and his brother,” the coordinator of Cornelia’s Blessing Box said when asked how the name came to be.

They ask that you help spread the word about the blessing box so many people may be blessed this season and that you “Take what you need, leave what you can. Above all, be blessed.”

You can visit Cornelia’s Blessing Box”s Facebook page HERE

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