County Election Results

A handful of elections quietly took place Tuesday, May 21 across Hempstead County for several school board positions, school millage taxes and a sales tax for the City of McNabb.

Election Results

Hope School District

34.7 Mills School Tax

For Tax                                              4

Against Tax                                       4


Board of Directors

Zone 4
James “Jimmy” Courtney               2

Zone 6
Kathryn Dickinson                           3

Zone 7
Alvis Hamilton                                  0


Blevins School District

31.3 Mills School Tax

For Tax                                              2
Against Tax                                      0


Board of Directors
Zone 2
Cindy Inlow Parks                            1


Mineral Springs School District

34 Mills School Tax

For Tax                                              14
Against Tax                                       11


Board of Directors
Zone 3
Zemeria Newton                              0
Kay Thornton                                    3


Nashville School District

31.7 Mills School Tax

For Tax                                              0
Against Tax                                       0


McNab Sales Tax

For Tax                                              10
Against tax                                        0

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