COVID-19 Meeting at Nevada County Courthouse

The Nevada County Quorum Court called a special meeting to discuss recent matters of COVID-19 and many individuals were present to share concern and advice. 

The court passed an ordinance declaring that anyone who has been exposed and/or diagnosed with COVID-19 is to be quarantined for 14 days without dealing with limited work leave issues. If you are quarantined, you will be paid up to 14 days for the quarantine period or until you are medically released, allowing enough time for you to become non-contagious. The quarantined must provide documentation from the Physician’s office proving they infect were diagnosed and required to quarantine themselves. If diagnosed, you are not to return to work for up to 14 days after your initial diagnosis takes place and must be medically released before returning to your job. 

County employees with school aged children and children who attend schools that have closed, have the choice of staying at home for the time being without experiencing any punishment for absence. But, if you decide to stay home with your child, you must use any acquired vacation time or sick leave days that you have available and you can receive a pay cut depending on how long schools remain closed. 

Debbie Henderson with the Nevada County Health Unit presented a few words to the listeners about safety and cleanliness. She shared that there are 22 positive cases of COVID-19 in the State of Arkansas as of the time of the meeting. Another 197 tests have been taken and have come back negative within the state. The symptoms to watch for are fever, shortness of breath and coughing. IF you are suffering these symptoms or think you need to be tested, Henderson advised that you first, call your doctor to speak with them and DO NOT go straight their office due to the risk of spreading it to another individual. Mandatory mass testing will not take place, as of current news shared Henderson. She advised that if you have any questions or concerns, to visit for more in depth information on the virus. 

Nevada County Ambulance Service First Responder, Nick Hibbs also shared information at the meeting. He stated that things were going as normal at NCAS. Precautions to prevent risks are being taken carefully by the whole work force. He shared that an authorization from the ADH is requiring all emergency personnel are to be screened to insure the safety of the patient being assisted. 

Jim Cross with the Office of Emergency Services reminded the court and local citizens that they have prepared for this type of incident in the past and advised that everyone stay calm and stay safe for the sake of the community. 

State Representative David Fielding shared that all positive cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas are based in the central regions and has not ventured out too far from that area. 

State Representative, Danny Watson shared information about the Small Business Administration’s actions to help small business that are being affected by the outbreak. Watson has recently spoken with local school Superintendents about providing meals to students that they are missing due to the schools being closed. He shared that Prescott Schools had provided over 400 meals on Tuesday of last week. 

Danny Martin, Nevada County Sheriff insured that every employee is required to be screened before their shift and the number of inmates at the jail has had to decrease to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. When people call, the first effort will be to try their best to resolve the issue by phone and further action will be taken if absolutely necessary. He stated that they have no choice and have to do it this way for now, to take part in isolating the virus and bringing the spread to a stop. 

“CenturyLink employees will remain to work as usual,” stated Bob Cummings. But we will not be visiting peoples homes for the safety of the clients and employees.”

State Rep. Watkins advised everyone to stay informed of what’s going on and keep up with the status of this outbreak. 

SWARK.Today will continue to update you as new information becomes available for the safety of you and you’re home. 

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