COVID-19 Testing at Hempstead Hall a Success

Free Screenings for COVID-19 kicked off drive thru style today at Hempstead Hall in combination with the Hempstead County Health Unit. Screenings began at 9 am and continued until 2 pm. Residents were encouraged to get tested even if they were not showing any symptoms.

One hundred and forty nine tests were administered today and although they were hoping for many more to show up for screening, the lines ran smoothly and everything still went as planned.

Debbie Howard, Administrator of the Hempstead County Health Unit says they are unsure of when results will be back, but testing kits used today are on the way to Little Rock, AR right now.

All local health units are testing for COVID-19 at this time. Call ahead first to make an appointment, you will get instructions on how to proceed once you arrive at the unit. Health care workers will come out to your vehicles to screen you for COVID-19. You do not have to have symptoms to be tested. You can contact the Hempstead County Health Unit at 870-777-2191.

Howard said on behalf of the Health Unit, “We want to encourage people to wash their hands frequently, wear a mask when you are out in public, always social distance and stay home if you are sick.”

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