Cowboy Rides For Veterans

Tony Jones is riding 1400 miles on horseback across the country to raise awareness for military veterans. His destination? Washington DC.

Four years ago, Jones took his first ride out of Fort Pierre, South Dakota with just a five dollar bill in his pocket, his horse and his supplies. Rallying people across the northern part of the country, he gathered information, resources and possible solutions from veterans on how to bring awareness to the serious issues veterans face today.

On this particular journey, Jones left out of Texas, riding across the south gathering even more people to support his cause.

I spoke with Jones atop his horse, Sarge, at the corner of Highway 29 South and Patmos road Thursday, he had this to say about his cross country ride for veterans, “Treatment of veterans in this country is unacceptable. They can’t get decent health care, the amount of veteran suicides is climbing every three seconds. I want what the veterans want, what they’ve told me; health care for them when they want it and wherever they want it. They say veterans have a choice when it comes to health care but they don’t, they just don’t.”

Throughout his journey Jones has depended mostly on the support of God and the people God puts in his path. In each town he crosses, people have given him food, water, necessities and even, health care for his horse.

He says he wants veterans in charge of the VA from the ground floor up. “We’ve got way too many dying, too many committing suicide, they say there is twenty two a day but it’s way more than that, not to mention their family members that die as well. These people are troopers, they supplied our freedom so what’s the least we can do for them? I am trying to put as many people together as I possibly can to fight with me,” Jones said

He was headed to Prescott on Thursday, but said he met many incredible people coming through Hope and that Arkansas is by far his favorite place. “People here in the natural state are helpful, kind and overall good people,” Jones said.

Jones stayed the night in Prescott on Thursday, from there his plans were to head towards Little Rock, cross the Arkansas River, making his way to Washington, DC to speak with law makers about the issues at hand for all veterans.

If you would like to help support Jones on his ride, check out his Facebook page HERE:

Photos courtesy of Cindy Vansickle

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