CPS Convoy Greetings

Teachers and staff at W. J. Clinton Primary School organized a parade to bring some love and excitement to their students who have been home bound during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They left in their vehicles at 11 a m Friday, March 27, 2020 making their way through neighborhoods all over town. Students peeked out of windows and stood in their yards to wave at their teachers and other fellow students while many held signs with sayings like, “We miss you.”

On W. J. Clinton Primary School’s Facebook page, they posted the route they would take so students would know which direction the convoy would go and where they could stand to be sure they were a part of the excitement.

An absolutely amazing, creative way for teachers and staff to stay connected to their students and let them know that even though they are not seeing their sweet faces in class, they are still thinking of them and miss having them during this precarious time.

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