CPS Heroes

Clinton Primary School teachers and other campus professionals were among the Heroes Behind the Mask featured in a communitywide virtual celebration Oct. 15 from Hempstead Hall on the University of Arkansas-Hope campus of first responders, volunteers, medical personnel, teachers and others who work directly with the public during the COVID-19 crisis. Shown in the first photo are, rear left to right, Viviana Bustamante and Abby Honea; middle left to right, Gail McClenton, Samantha Dougan, and Katelyn Kidd; and front left to right, Presley Capps and Byonnka Henderson. In the second photo are, left to right front, Renata Bishop, Heather Avery, and Lacey Robbins; and, left to right back, Laura Gray and Amanda Shanks. Posing in the CPS hallway are, left to right, Paige Bobo, Stephanie Maldanado, Shauntelle Jarvis, Kristi Johnson, and Brandy Frohnappel. – Ken McLemore/Hope Public Schools

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