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Curley Wolves Golf Teams defeat Bismarck; Cummings, Robbins medalists

In their game on Monday against Bismark, both boys and girls Prescott Curley Wolves Golf Teams defeated the Lions for their first conference match, and two Curley Wolves left the course as medalists, Jace Cummings and Lainey Robbins. This was Robbins first time as a medalist, plus Cummings first even par. Coach Mike Godwin said he was thrilled with the outcome of the game. “I was real happy with both the boys’ and girls’ performance,” Godwin said. “Hopefully, we can continue that effort against Harmony Grove and Ouachita this afternoon, as well as for the rest of the season.”

Godwin also said the Curley Wolves will be hosting the District Tournament this year at the Prescott County Club in September. In addition to giving the players home advantage, this will also result in many of the teams wanting to travel to Prescott to get to know the course, giving the Curley Wolves many home matches this season.

The Prescott Curley Wolves will tee off against Harmony Grove and Ouachita this afternoon at 3:30 at the Highland Golf Course.

Match: 8/15/2022 at Prescott Country Club

1Jace Cummings36*1Chloe Grimes52
2Rhett Bullinger542Kelsie Harvey47
3Chase Dice503Caytlee Poole51
4Pate Willis444Lainey Robbins44*
* Medalist
1Riley Tuttle401Ellie Norris45
2Wyatt Clement442Regan Parrie47
3Noah Smith583Addie Smith64
4Nick Tucker474Emma Chapman66
* Medalist
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