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Curley Wolves Top Bobcats, 49-13

The hits kept coming and wouldn’t stop as the Prescott Curley Wolves and the Hope Bobcats clashed on Friday night.

The Curley Wolves took possession first, and were held just short of the endzone by Hope, but get their first touchdown within the first three minutes of play. A two-point conversion gave the Curley Wolves their first eight points of the game with just over nine minutes left in the first quarter.

Hope returned across the 20-yard line, with a first and ten handoff that gained them one yard. At two and nine, Prescott would hold them there and force a punt, putting them at the 39-yard line. Prescott’s #16, Carston Poole, ran for the Bobcats’ 39-yard line, gaining first and ten for the Curley Wolves. #3 for Prescott, Jacaylon Zachary, ran for a touchdown, though a 5-yard penalty set Prescott back. Another two-point conversion gave Prescott a 16-0 lead over Hope.

Hope returned over the 33-yard line, grinding forward through several penalties before fourth down and 13 at the 20-yard line would force a punt. The Curley Wolves returned to the Bobcats’ 48 after another penalty, which became standard fair throughout the first half. A false start by Prescott, an offsides by Hope, and finally a 42-yard touchdown run by Jaylen Hopson gave the Curley Wolves another score. The extra point went between the uprights, giving Prescott a 23-0 lead with 2:15 left in the first quarter.

A giant dog pile on Hope’s return left them at the 23-yard line, and a series of incomplete passes forced another punt. Prescott got the ball at the 50 and, after a ten-yard holding penalty, snapped the ball at the 41-yard line. The Curley Wolves would get the ball as far as Hope’s 45-yard line before the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter began with Prescott at the 45-yard line, running the ball for five yards and a second down. A pass fake sent Prescott’s quarterback sprinting down the field, but he was stopped short at the 35. Prescott was flagged for holding, putting them at first and 20. A fumble and recovery sent Prescott to the 30-yard line, and a mad dash left them one yard short of the endzone. A fumble in the endzone was ruled just short by the refs, but the next play would give Prescott another touchdown. The accompanying field goal put the Curley Wolves ahead, 30-0 with 8:49 left in the first half.

Hope returned to the 34-yard line and, after two short runs, a pass would bring Hope to the 14-yard line. After a penalty at second and seven, Hope was forced back to their 26-yard line and an incomplete pass at third and long left them at fourth down. An incomplete pass gave Prescott possession at the 25. The Curley Wolves threw an incomplete pass, but scored another touchdown immediately afterwards. Their field goal didn’t go through, leaving Prescott at 36-0 with 5:03 left in the half.

After two more changes in possession, Prescott’s Hopson would score again and an accompanying field goal would put Prescott ahead 43-0 with 2:54 left in the first half.

Hope returned at the 35-yard line after the kick went out of bounds at the 25. Hope tried to run the ball past the Curley Wolves, but a tackle at the 33 was followed by two incomplete passes. The punt snap, however, got loose from Hope’s kicker, bouncing backwards down the field. Prescott tried to recover twice, sprinting past Hope and scrambling for possession, finally coming up triumphant in the endzone for another touchdown. The field goal was no good, but the Curley Wolves were up 49-0 with 2:06 left in the first half.

Hope returned at the 33-yard line, just before an injury took Hope’s #10 out of the game. A quick series of passes gained Hope several yards, however, and left them at second and ten with seven seconds left. A pass became Hope’s first touchdown of the game, and the extra point left the score at 49-7 going into the second half.

The mercy rule went into effect in the second half, running the clock out for Hope. Another injury with 3:22 left in the third quarter would take Hope’s #33 out of play, and the two teams would hold each other at 49-7 until the end of the third quarter.

An early fourth quarter touchdown by Hope after a 20-yard run would give Hope six more points, but the rest of the quarter ground to a halt, finishing off with a 49-13 victory for the Curley Wolves.

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