Curry’s Community Outreach Ministries Celebrates Distinguished Citizens at Awards Ceremony

The rain didn’t keep people away today as Curry’s Community Outreach Ministries held its annual Christmas event in Prescott this morning. The day began with an awards ceremony honoring those citizens whose compassionate generosity made a substantial impact in the community this year. The room was filled with applause and appreciation as each recipient was called upon to receive his or her award, and the presenters gave the audience a description of the person’s background, family, and accomplishments.

During the ceremony, Pastor Ivory Curry spoke a few words describing this year as being the most successful year thus far in receiving donations and being able to buy numerous bikes and toys for the community’s children. He said it’s citizens such as these working toward a common goal who make events like the annual bike give-away possible. “It’s important to lift our city up, and we can work together to do that,” Curry said. “These people don’t do what they do for recognition; they do it because it’s in their hearts, they love their community, and they love people. We just want to say we appreciate you, we see what you do, and we thank you for all you do for this community.”

Award Recipients

  • Citizen of the Year – Pastor Frank Henson
  • Public Servant of the Year – Chief Ann Jordan
  • Outstanding Community Servant of the Year – Willie Ray Craven & Charlotte Lynn Murphy
  • Small Business of the Year – Reed & Becky Koger of Ko-Fields
  • Rising Star Award – Dana Smallwood
  • Lifetime Community Service Award – Harding T. Deon & Hyacinth E. Deon

As the ceremony was coming to a close, some award recipients, as well as members of the audience, chose to share a few words describing their own thoughts and feelings of the day. Many shared their appreciation for their fellow servants, plus their affection and devotion for the Prescott community. Some expressed their fondness and respect for Pastor Curry and his wife, Kay Curry, for their work with the fellow citizens and the ministry’s dedication to serving others. All participants left the ceremony with holiday wishes and exuberant optimism for the next happy phase of the day’s event: the bike give-away.

During Curry’s Community Outreach Ministries Annual Bike give-away, multiple children were given bikes and toys for Christmas. Click HERE to see pics and read more about the bike-giveaway. To get more information about Curry’s Outreach Ministries and watch the full awards ceremony with the full description of the recipients, visit their Facebook Page HERE.

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