Daulton Brewer Fish Fry Benefit

By Mark Ross

Last Thursday the Hope Lions Club traveled to Stamps Arkansas to participate in a fundraiser for the family of the late Daulton Brewer. The Lions Club, along with the employees of Lafayette County, held a catfish fry in the parking lot of S & S hardware. According to Lions President Janet Choate, Daulton was a member of the Hope Lions Club, so the organization wanted to do something for the Brewer family to help with medical expenses and other costs. They reached out to the Lafayette County Judge and told him of the idea, and he was thrilled to assist. Choate said it was a good turnout and they sold over 300 plates of catfish and trimmings. She said 35-40 percent of the Lions members traveled to Stamps to hold this event. She wanted to thank the county employees who helped and said the club couldn’t have done it without them. She also wanted to thank S & S Hardware for letting them set up in their parking lot for this event. Lafayette County Judge Danny Ormand said the local Lafayette County elected officials, Sheriff’s Office, volunteer firemen, and local Forestry Commission employees showed up to help. Ormand stated, “His crew said we needed a little help, and people just showed up for the good cause.” Ormand also shared that Daulton was a Justice of the Peace on the Lafayette County Quorum Court. He said it was an extremely good turnout and they took in over $9,000. He said there are some event expenses that will have to be paid. Ormand also said there were some people who didn’t buy a plate, but instead gave donations to help the family. He said the event’s success is what they had hoped for, and the citizens came through. “One thing about our citizens is when you call them for help, they gladly show up to help,” said Ormand. He said this will help Samantha and the kids; in the future, if the Brewer family needs any help, this community will be there. Ormand said they will keep the Brewer family in their thoughts and prayers. “We are going to take care of Samantha. Samantha and the kids are here in Lafayette County and we are going to do what we must do as fellow Lafayette County Residents,” Ormand said.“ The Brewer Family is just precious to all of us. Daulton wasn’t just a JP; he was a friend of this community and also that of Hempstead County. His goodwill spread across the state of Arkansas.”

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