Deer Exclusion Fence being tested in Hempstead County

UA Extension services says results are excellent so far

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A Temporary Deer Exclusion fence is being tested by the University Of Arkansas Division Of Agriculture Research and Extension with excellent results. Here in Hempstead County, the fence has been used to protect winter forage demonstrations at the Southwest Arkansas Extension Research Center and a demonstration protecting Purple Hull Peas at Michael Henagan’s farm near Blevins.
At the Henagan Farm, the site was away from houses, with a wooded area on one side and a watermelon patch on the other. Michael was able to harvest his peas and not a single deer track was found inside the perimeter of the fence.
The fence consist of two separate fences 3’ apart. The outer fence has one strand of poly rope or tape 18” high. The inner fence is two strands of poly rope or wire spaced at 10” and 24” high. Poly rope is recommended because of its strength and visibility. Vinyl flagging can be added for more visibility.
The fence is a psychological barrier not a physical barrier. The fence affects the depth perception of the deer. Take down when not in use. Also tests have shown it works best on small areas up to 3000 square feet, perfect for most gardens.
The cost of the fence is about $250 plus the cost of the charger. The Gallagher solar charger we use is $260.00, but AC models are much cheaper. Most farmers are great at using materials they have on hand and can greatly reduce the cost as well.
The fence is currently set up at the Hope Fair Park, right behind the rodeo arena, so it can be viewed by the public. Call the County Extension Office at 870-777-5771 if you have any questions about the fence.

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