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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jones signs Safe and Fair Elections Pledge this morning


October 24, 2022

LITTLE ROCK – On Tuesday morning, Chris Jones announced that he was signing the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge, a non-partisan pledge that affirms Jones’ commitment to a safe, fair and transparent election.

In a video statement accompanying his pledge, Jones said it is important that every candidate and citizen in America value and support safe, secure and fair elections.

“I sign this because we can no longer take for granted support of our most basic cornerstones of democracy,” said Jones. “The events of the last few years – including most notably the January 6 insurrection and also efforts across the US by some to weaponize local and state elections for political advantage – put at risk the very foundation of our democracy.”

Jones called on his general election opponent Sarah Sanders to join him in signing the pledge. He said it’s time for candidates and leaders to find common ground from which neighbors can begin to rebuild relationships and rebuild confidence in America. 

“Sanders’ close affiliation with former president Trump, her dangerous unfounded claim that there is fraud in every election, and her affiliation with criminal insurrectionists like the Proud Boys should be areas of great concern for Arkansans. The least she could do is join me in signing the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge. If any candidate is reluctant to take such a pledge, it should raise real questions about them.”

Jones also released “The Promise to Protect Voting Rights.” In the policy promise document, Jones shares his plans to protect voting rights and boost voting numbers for a more representative democracy. Among U.S. states, Arkansas currently ranks last in both voter registration and turnout.

Jones encourages everyone to vote on November 8th, or during early voting through November 7.  To find polling locations, visit chrisforgovernor.com/vote.

* Video Statement – Chris Jones Takes Pledge for Safe and Fair Elections: https://youtu.be/fRZvZBXNY7M
* Link – Team Democracy Safe & Fair Elections Pledge – From Team Democracy: https://www.teamdemocracy.org/take-the-pledge
* Policy Promise – The Promise to Protect Voting Rights – From  Chris Jones for Governor: https://chrisforgovernor.com/promises/the-promise-to-protect-voting-rights 

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