Deputy Cleared in March 14, Shooting, Suspect Transferred from Texarkana Hospital to Hempstead County Detention Center

8th North Prosecuting Attorney Christi McQueen has issued her findings on the Use of Force by Hempstead County Deputy Jim Bush on March 14, 2020.

In a letter to Sheriff James Singleton she released her findings after a State Police Investigation.

At approximately 5:23 am Saturday March 14, 2020, Central Dispatch was notified By ASP Troop G of an active pursuit Eastbound from Miller County, of Dodge pickup traveling at approximately 90 miles per hour with its headlights off. The pursuing agency Bowie County Texas discontinued the pursuit at the 21-mile marker in Hempstead County. The Bowie County Deputy met with Hempstead County Deputy Jim Bush at the crossover on I-30, The Bowie County Deputy advised that the vehicle was about a mile ahead Eastbound towards Prescott. Hope police set up at exit 30 and 31 and observed the vehicle pass Exit 31 eastbound.

Deputy Jim Bush continued Eastbound on I-30 and located the described vehicle approximately one-Quarter mile West of the Nevada County line stopped on the shoulder of I-30. Deputy Bush observed a white male exit the vehicle holding and wielding a Machete type knife. Deputy Bush ordered the suspect later identified as Chase Ray Alford age 36 of Henderson Texas, to drop the Machete numerous times which the suspect failed to do. At some point Alford produced a pocket type knife in his other hand.

Deputy Manuel Rodriguez arrived on the scene and positioned himself to the passenger side of Deputy Bush’s patrol vehicle.  Deputy Bush continued to order Alford to drop the knives. Alford refused and was advancing on Deputy Rodriguez, Deputy Bush fired at the suspect and struck him in the chest area Alford immediately went down and ceased to be a threat. Deputy Bush and Rodriguez began to administer aid to Alford and continued to do so, along with Hope Police Officers who also responded until EMS arrived on scene.

Alford was transported to a Texarkana Hospital by Pafford EMS, where he underwent treatment for a gunshot wound. He was released from the hospital on March 19, and transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Alford age 36, of Frakstan, Texas was Charged with Aggravated Assault and is being held without bond.

Deputies Bush and Rodriguez did not sustain any injuries. Both Deputies have returned to duty.

Click HERE to view Prosecuting Attorney, Christy McQueen’s Use of Force Letter

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