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DMAC Tournament a Huge Success

Erin McMaster and Claire McMaster share a special moment

Lance Hawley

Hope- This past weekend a total of 24 softball teams gathered in Hope to partake in the Annual Debra McMaster Memorial (DMAC) Tournament. Saturday afternoon a very nice ceremony took place and every team gathered on the Lady Cat Field for the Debra McMaster Memorial Scholarship presentation. Spring Hill Senior and daughter of Debra McMaster, Erin McMaster spoke to everyone in attendance about the story of her mother, and how she chose to risk her life for the well-being and safety of others. Erin spoke wonders of her mother, marveling at how much she loved her students, how much she loved helping people, and her love for the game of softball. Also, how the game of softball and athletics in general teach great life lessons, teamwork and builds great character.

Personally, not being from the area, this was my first time in attendance for the tournament and scholarship presentation and I would like to give a much-deserved job well-done to Erin McMaster for an excellent display of courage while delivering a tremendous speech. Also, how great of a job that Coach Jerry McMaster and Claire McMaster do making this tournament a huge success, along with all the people and students that help out all weekend and make the tournament possible. 24 senior student-athletes were awarded scholarships, totaling in $12,000 worth of scholarships. The DMAC Tournament was a huge success this past weekend.  

Photos Courtesy of Christi Sullivan

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