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Dr Greg Bledsoe: “Rutledge and Rapert are both runaway spenders.”

Little Rock, Arkansas – On Monday, Dr. Greg Bledsoe, an Emergency Medicine physician and first-time candidate for political office, called out career politicians Leslie Rutledge and Jason Rapert for their massive government spending.

“Republican voters should know Rutledge and Rapert are both runaway spenders of taxpayer dollars. As attorney general, Leslie Rutledge doubled her office budget in the last eight years and wasted over $5 million of our money on advertisements to promote herself and her next campaign. Meanwhile, Jason Rapert has voted for millions of dollars in tax increases and refused to cut wasteful spending in Little Rock,” said Dr. Bledsoe.

Dr. Bledsoe continued, “conservatives are tired of career politicians promising one thing during a campaign and doing another once elected. Rutledge and Rapert talk about cutting taxes, spending less, and reducing the size of state government, but both have been in office for years and have done the opposite. Why should we believe they will change now? For a true fiscal conservative, vote Dr. Greg Bledsoe for Lt. Governor.”

A new website detailing the runaway taxing and spending of Rutledge and Rapert will be going live soon. Follow Dr. Greg Bledsoe for Lt. Governor on Facebook and @Bledsoe4AR on Twitter for updates. 

For more information about conservative outsider Dr. Greg Bledsoe, visit www.BledsoeForArkansas.org.

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