Dreams Do Come True at Hempstead Hall – Fairy Tales on ICE

Professional performers from all over the globe graced the stage at Hempstead Hall Friday night with the production of Fairy Tales on ICE. The nationally acclaimed figure skaters whirling and twirling across the makeshift ice stage was fascinating for all who had the pleasure of attending.

The stage was set with lights of every imaginable color, projections that cast shadowy shapes across the walls and boarders of the rink and beautiful props that were strategically used throughout the show as the story of Cinderella and Peter Pan came to life.

Not only was there skating but there was juggling, singing, dancing and even flying by none other than tinkerbell, who glowed in her elegant costume as she flew around the stage with Peter Pan.

The creative director, Alex Wilfand is a former Disney skater who skated in the production of Disney on Ice. He left Disney with his own vision of touring across the country doing shows with his own cast and has made that dream a reality.

World ranked team USA figure skater, Chase Belmontes said regarding Alex’s vision, “He wanted to treat people even better than Disney, take control and do things his way and see how that would turn out because he loves making productions. He loved that whole process so he went off on his own and started doing so.”

The extremely talented cast was devised of ten skaters, many of whom have skated on a national level winning gold medals. The stage manager, Joshua Clark is a Hope native. Prior to touring with Ice Creative Entertainment he was employed as the technical director for Hempstead Hall.

After the show concluded, several members of the cast stood by the theaters entrance to exchange greetings and pose for photos with starry eyed little ones, assuring this will be a memory they aren’t soon to forget.

Hempstead Hall in partnership with SWAAC knew just what the community needed when they brought Fairy Tales on Ice to Hope. Click HERE for more information about their upcoming events.

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