Driver Crashes Head-On Into Tree to Dodge Deer

An Emmet man was fortunate to walk away without major injuries Thursday after crashing head-on into a tree on Patmos Rd. in an attempt, he said, avoid deer in the road.

Matthew Cook, 24, of Emmett was traveling north in the 4500 block of Hempstead 3 (Patmos Rd) at around 12:25 p.m. when, he said, several deer ran out in front of him. Cook veered off the east side of the road into the slick mud and lost control of his Chevrolet Silverado, crashing head-on into a tree and taking out a section of the barbed wire fence. Cook and his truck were banged up but all the deer appeared to have made it across the road safely.

Hempstead County Deputy Orlando Dennis and Pafford EMS were dispatched to the crash.

Cook was assessed on scene and advised he needed to be checked out at the hospital. Cook declined transport to the hospital in the ambulance and was instead transported by a family member.

Deputy Dennis investigated the crash and directed traffic through the scene, briefly closing Patmos Rd. while Reese’s Wrecker recovered the Chevrolet from the side of the road. Cook received no citations related to the crash.

October-December is the rut season for deer and, according to State Farm, the time of year you are most likely to get in a collisions with a deer. In it’s 2016 statistics, State Farm ranked Arkansas as a high risk state when it comes to collisions with deer. According to their statistics, 1 in 96 drivers in Arkansas had crashes involving deer, the 14th highest rate in the country.

State Farm recommends drivers take extra caution this time of year around dusk and dawn, since that is when deer are more active. They also recommend drivers slow down when approaching known deer crossings.

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