Duck Hunting Probz

*Faint 2 stroke motor sounds*

*motor sounds getting louder*

*people talking*

You:*Sees lights in the not so distant tree line*

You say to your fellow hunting party:  “Is that somebody coming in here??”

*motor shuts off*

*Loud clatter of duck decoys*

You Laughingly say: “Nope… no way they’re setting up that close, that’s like 120 yards, must be motor problems!” (as you cry on the inside)

*splash of a decoy hitting the water*

You: “Are you kiddin’ me!!!”

We’ve all been there right? Most likely on way too many occasions. The problem? People. People are the problem! Lack of respect for others is the problem! 

Many of you reading this have had multiple occasions where you utter (or yell) curse words as a group of hunters encroaches your hunting area. You think to yourself: “This can’t be happening again”, oooohhhh…. but it is! 

YOU put in the scouting, YOU put in the work, YOU got up earlier, and YOU GOT THE HOLE FIRST! Do they care? Most likely not… it’s a very frustrating situation! It makes my blood boil just thinking about it!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Matthew 7:12 

It’s not hard to give up on the spot you lost.. Actually it’s sometimes very hard to admit to yourself and your group, that you’ve lost. Losing’s no fun. Especially when it’s not completely your fault. Maybe a member of your hunting party slept in a little late or maybe had boat motor issues that kept you from getting “your spot”, but you’ve got to do the right thing! You’ve got to say.. “oh well, they beat us.. we lost this round” and MOVE ON!

That’s what it comes down to! Do the right thing people! Either ask the group that beat you, “Hey, do yall have room for us?” or move on to another spot! I don’t mean 100 yards from the spot you wanted! I mean move AWAY from the AREA! You didn’t lose that “hole”, you lost the entire AREA when you were late!

Don’t ruin your hunt and theirs by skybusting ducks as they circle their decoy spread. (skybusting is a whole other issue we won’t get into right now). Move to another area, so that you and them both have a decent chance! 

With the 2020 duck season upon us, this is just a reminder!

It costs $0.00 to be a decent person, and to respect others. 

It’s been fun.. until next time!

Matt Hickey

Southern Outdoor Legacy (S.O.L)

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