Easing college tension with Kid’s College

UAHT starts early with children

Children who attended UAHT Kid’s College this summer had fun while learning.

Making the kids feel comfortable on the University of Arkansas Hope -Texarkana campus is the main goal UAHT hopes to accomplish when children and teens attend kid’s college. UAHT Community Outreach Representative Akili Moses Israel promoted the program at the Hope Lions club recently telling the group what a success the program has been in accomplishing this goal. She said kid’s college is educating the children while getting them to relax and enjoy themselves.
“Basically, we trick them into learning,” Israel said.
“We have found out that what keeps kids from attending college is that they don’t feel comfortable,” Israel explained.
“But when they come in, they are shy and somewhat withdrawn, but by the end of the week they are comfortable doing things such as leading songs or dancing,” she said. “They have made a complete turn around and often want to come back for a second session or bring friends with them.”
Some things the children took part in this summer were cooking classes, medical training, and babysitting classes. Israel said they find an area the student is interested in and give them an early start to their possible career paths.
Another thing Israel noted was that the students were given materials to take home that will help them continue to do the things they have learned.
“They make their own medical kit to take home, so we send them away with tools for learning.” They learn CPR and what do in a crisis.
Several members of the Lions Club gave first-hand accounts of children that attended kid’s college and how much the children said they enjoyed it and have kept using the skills they learned in the classes at their homes.
Classes are June – late August each summer and have scholarships available. Contact Akili Moses Israel at [email protected] or call at 870-722-8102.

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