EAST Night Out at Hempstead Hall

EAST Night Out was held at Hempstead Hall recently inviting students to come and share their efforts for helping the community in many interesting ways. The idea behind the project is that a student must find an issue or a matter of need within the community and work together solving the problem to the best of their abilities.

EAST stands for Education Accelerated by Service and Technology. This project is taken in part by local students form the Hope, Arkansas area. Yerger Middle School, HAPS and Hope High students all participated in EAST projects and shared their work with the visitors that came to see the things they’ve accomplished.

For example, HAPS students created a multipurpose basket ball court, “Multi-Court” that offers spaces for basketball, volleyball, archery and more playground and sports activities. Yerger Middle School students created a plan to paint cross walk lines on the street near their school for people to now safely cross the road coming or going from the school. Many other projects were put in play by these groups of students that you can view in the photos below. The list is long and many great things have been done in our community and they’re looking forward to working together on more projects in the future.

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