Egg-Fest 2021 at the Hope Country Club a Success

Young and old alike gathered today a the Hope Country Club to have some fun at Egg-Fest 2021. Kiddos were all smiles and squeals as they huddled around the pens at the petting zoo, taking turns petting the sheep and bunnies while parents of little ones looked on with delight snapping pictures.

At noon, the children, Easter baskets in hand stood patiently waiting for the tape to be cut so they could hunt for eggs. Once the ribbon was cut, off they went as fast as their little legs would go snatching up eggs and hopeful they would be the one to find the golden prize egg. All of the kids then traded their eggs in for some sweet treats. Trey Hoglund and Silas Short were the finders of the golden eggs in their age division. They each got a special prize, a basket filled with candy and toys.

Families took turns taking pictures in the outdoor photo booth that was decked out with Easter themed balloons. Everyone had a great time and many stayed to have lunch. All in all, a success for Egg-Fest 2021 at the Hope Country Club.

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