Emmet residents hear from candidates at Town Hall, Meet & Greet

Emmet residents gathered at Firemen Park this morning for the Emmet Town Hall and Candidate Meet & Greet to hear from a few of their local candidates in the upcoming election. With a backdrop of fall colorings and the pleasant, cooler weather, each candidate took a turn at the podium to address citizens and share important components of his or her campaign. 

Dee Clark, candidate for Emmet City Council Ward 1 Position 2, said her experience as a small-business owner, handling budgets and implementing ideas to improve and expand, has prepared her to run for this position. Clark, who has lived in Emmet for 15 years, also said that, if elected, she plans to communicate with citizens on upcoming issues so they will be aware of what’s going on in their city. “I want to be your voice,” Clark said. “I want to make sure your requests or concerns are heard. Along with the mayor and city council members, I want to see Emmet grow and expand so young families will want to move here and raise their children in a beautiful little city just like I did.”   

Shannon Peck, candidate for Emmet Mayor, said she has lived in Emmet her entire life and wants to see Emmet grow and prosper. Peck shared with SWARK.Today that she was excited to be at the Town Hall today and meet citizens face-to-face. “I’m glad to meet more of our local residents and hear from them personally about what they want for their city,” Peck said. “Plus, I am hopeful that they can get to know me and learn that I, like all of us in Emmet, want the best for our town and our families. We must work together to make the changes we want to see.”  

Mike Otwell, candidate for Nevada County Judge and Emmet resident for 61 years, said his dad was mayor long ago and he learned a lot by watching him in public office. “It’s a hard job, I already know that,” Otwell said. “But I think everyone is ready and willing to get together and make this work, because united you stand and divided you fall.  Everyone can work together to make this a better place.” Otwell also said that he plans to attend Emmet City Council meetings when he can, just like the other cities in Nevada County, and that one of the greatest needs in Nevada County is road repair. 

Emceeing the event was Deanna Allen who said she and other citizens hope that more of these meetings will take place to give citizens a voice. “If you are ready for change, and ready for growth, it’s going to take all of us working together as one cohesive unit,” Allen said. The Town Hall today was planned by a group of citizens coming together to further the goals of their city. Allen shared with SWARK.Today what these citizens want to see for Emmet. “We realize we will never be a Hope or a Prescott,” Allen said. “But we would like to be an inviting community where small families want to raise their children in the safety of the country and in the camaraderie of a small town, yet still be close enough to drive to Hope, Prescott, or Arkadelphia to work.”  

Allen also shared with the crowd some upcoming Emmet events: the citywide garage sale on Hwy 67 on October 15th; OctoberFest with music, karaoke, a trick pony, petting zoo, trunk-or-treat, and more on October 22nd; a fellowship and meal coordinated together by all the Emmet churches on November 5th; a tree lighting ceremony with the United Christian Church Choir singing christmas carols and a station for kids to write letters to Santa that to go into special mailbox on December 3rd; and the 29th Annual Emmet Christmas Parade on December 10th. Many of the community events are planned and coordinated by EVA, the Emmet Vision Association in its 29th year, and proceeds for EVA events go right back into the community for items like Christmas decorations, toys for kids at the Cookies and Hot Chocolate with Santa after the parade, and more.

Once the speakers’ portion of the event was over, participants were treated to refreshments and snacks, courtesy of EVA, while citizens took the opportunity to meet candidates for one-on-one conversations.


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