Fairytales Come Skating Back to Hempstead Hall

Hope, Ark. – Fairytales on Ice: Pirates and Mermaids will be produced at Hempstead Hall on the beautiful University of Arkansas Hope – Texarkana Hope campus on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Tickets are on sale now at or through the Hempstead Hall front desk by calling 870-722-8565 during regular business hours.

This unique experience is co-sponsored by the Southwest Arkansas Arts Council (SWAAC) as part of the annual Performance Series partnership with Hempstead Hall.

“It is always a exciting time when the ice skaters come to Hope,” said Amanda Lance, Director of Hempstead Hall & Workforce Development for the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.

“This year’s storyline will be feature pirates, mermaids, and many other fairytale characters. As always, there will be magic, comedy, stunts, and acrobatics…all on ice on the Hempstead Hall stage.”

The story begins with lots of familiar faces from your favorite fairytales: from Rapunzel and Pinocchio to Aladdin and Tinker Bell — and of course, the star of this season’s spinning tales, the Little Mermaid! The adventure then begins with the most energetic pirate crew you’ll ever meet. Featuring comedy, intense stunts and so much more! Once a storm hits the pirates’ land, the Little Mermaid saves the day, leading the audience on a memorable underwater adventure.

This non-stop thrilling production features over-the-top magical illusions, spectacular special effects, an all-original award-winning soundtrack, thrilling jumps, spins and pair lifts – all on ICE on the Hempstead Hall stage!

Tickets are currently on sale through Hempstead Hall’s website (; they range from $25 to $45, with student tickets at $15 in the mid-level section. Doors will open at 5:30 pm and the show will start at 6:30 pm. Guests will be treated to a full 90 minutes of ice skating magic.

Ice Creative Entertainment was founded in 2011 by Olympic-level choreographer Alex Wilfand. Since 2011, I.C.E. has partnered with, and created live entertainment productions, for the Walt Disney Company, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Alessia Cara, Tokyo Disneyland, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Marriott Hotels, Dolly Parton Entertainment, and more. I.C.E. prides itself on being one of the world leaders in performances where theatrics meet professional athletic feats. Starting as a boutique ice show company, I.C.E. has grown to an international entertainment brand. I.C.E. was found with one goal in mind: to create once-in-a-lifetime performances and memories for audiences worldwide.

For any questions about Hempstead Hall, SWAAC, or this event, please contact Amanda Lance at aman[email protected] or 870.722.8565, or follow Hempstead Hall and SWAAC social sites for the most up-to-date announcements.

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