Fairytales on ICE- Pirates & The Little Mermaid Premiere at Hempstead Hall

Lines of people stood inside the entrance of Hempstead Hall as they handed their tickets to staff in anticipation of their chance to watch figure skaters take the stage Saturday night. A mass of people, popcorn and drinks in hand, along with glow sticks, bracelets and other glow in the dark souvenirs made their way to their seats. The crowd was pumped and for good reason, Fairytales on Ice, Pirates and The Little Mermaid has been a much awaited production for the people of Hempstead county and the surrounding area.

Once everyone was settled, Director of Hempstead Hall, Amanda Lance and SWAAC Director, Jennifer Block stepped on stage to thank all who came out to watch and all who have made this a reality.

The lights dimmed, the stage lit up in glorious colors, illuminating holograms and brilliant glowing props immediately captured the attention of spectators. Nationally acclaimed figure skaters from across the globe began their journey twirling and swirling across the rink in vibrant costumes as the story of Pirates and The Little Mermaid came to life. Juggling, singing, dancing, hoop twirling, acrobatics and even flying was incorporated in the majestical event. It was a glorious combination of figure skater meets theater as the masterpiece unfolded.

The entire auditorium was filled with smiling faces as the audience engaged throughout the enactment. They gasped, clapped and squealed with delight in awe of the magical performance. At the end, everyone stood to show their appreciation of a job well done. It was definitely show that isn’t soon to be forgotten.

“This is probably the first show I’ve done where I couldn’t hear the soundtrack because the crowd was screaming so loud, which is amazing. I got chills, I may have cried a little bit when we got the standing ovation because that was so great. The energy from the crowd was incredible. I think since we’ve changed the show and updated, it has just added that extra enthusiasm. I am very pleased,” Creative Director of ICE Creative Productions and former Disney on Ice performer, Alex Wilfand said.

As the entertainment concluded, those present stood in ovation once again when, ICE Creative Productions, Stage Manager, Joshua Clark, a Hope native, stepped out to wave at the crowd. “It is absolutely thrilling to be back in Hope. To have worked here, at Hempstead Hall as the technical director then being on this side of the stage performing has been such an exhilarating experience. Honestly, nothing really compares to that, to go from being the one running the show to being the one on the stage, having friends and family in the audience cheering you on, words can’t really describe it,” Clark said. Regarding the standing ovation, he went on to say, “It was a good thing I didn’t have lines or words to say, because I was absolutely speechless.”

The cast spent some time back stage with wide eyed little ones showing them the ins and outs of setting up the production and signing autographs.

If you missed this event, the next stop for Fairytales on Ice will be in Greenville, Texas as they tour across the United States. To keep up with the cast and events, you can find more information on their Facebook page HERE

Director of Hempstead Hall Amanda Lance said, “What a night! In the last two days, we’ve had 2,000 guests experience this amazing show, and I can only imagine how many memories were made. I love that we’re able to create such a positive experience for kids and adults of all ages. For some, this is the first experience they will ever have with UAHT, and I always wants that to be an exceptional one. Fairytales definitely exceeds that.”

“Southwest Arkansas Arts Council and Hempstead Hall take great pride in bringing world-class performing arts to our region, and Fairytales has always been a unique culmination of that partnership, but this year’s show was above and beyond. It was wonderful to see so many people, kids and adults alike, enjoying such an amazing performance. This is magic is why we strive to bring bigger and better shows each year with the support of our community,” Director of SWAAC, Jennifer Block added.

Fairytales on Ice is brought to you in partnership with Hempstead Hall and SWAAC. Be sure to stay tuned to SWARK.Today for all the latest at Hempstead Hall and get your tickets now to see The Oakridge Boys in concert, Friday, April 29, 2022 HERE

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