Farmers tops off roof on new facility

Still on target for March 2019 relocation

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
The roof has now gone up on the new Farmer’s Bank building located at 201 East Third Street, and fits of inclement weather notwithstanding, the facility is still on track to open March 2019.
“It has been an unusual fall with the weather, but the contractors have been working hard and we are still on schedule for March 2019,” Hope Asst. Vice-President Jacob Jones said Thursday afternoon.
“All considering with the rain and cold, the construction has gone well, and the building is shaping up. It is looking good,” he said.
Just a few weeks ago, the structure was a wooden frame looking like a skeleton of 2×4’s; now with both a roof and walls in place, the new facility is becoming closer to reality after a groundbreaking on an empty lot back in June.
Jones said the transition into the new building, once it is completed, will happen very quickly, in part because of federal rules that govern banking institutions.
“It will be a turn-around within 48 hours; we will close the doors on a Friday and reopen for business on a Monday. It will happen that quick,” he said.
The new Farmer’s Bank facility has been part of a larger picture in the Hope community over the past 18 months. In December 2017, Farmers had finalized an agreement with Hempstead County to sell its current and legendary three-story facility for $1.5 million, which in turn, will eventually become the new Hempstead County Courthouse and seat of county government.
In past public statements, Farmers has said the market value of the three-story building makes the transaction equivalent to a $3 million-dollar donation to Hempstead County.
Targeting competition and relocation within March 2019, Jones said the new Farmer’s Bank facility will continue with business as normal with all current account and customer services.
Jones said, “Farmers Bank & Trust is proud to be reinvesting in Hope and retaining our presence in downtown Hope. With all the activities happening in the downtown area now, it is an exciting time to be a part of it.”

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