Fight, Faith & Family – “No One Fights Alone” in Hempstead County


Today, while it may have been gloomy and dreary in town, there was a bright and cheerful celebration occuring over at the Oller homestead. So many loved ones and friends gathered to show their love and support for Jessica Oller as she fights her battle against cancer.  

Britnee Holden arranged a surprise for her personal friend and our local warrior. Within a matter of hours the plan was made, every pink balloon in town was purchased and hundreds of signs were put together.

Jessica, accompanied by her husband Daniel, her loving children and many other members of her loyal support system stood on their porch, surprising her by taking her outside to watch the mile long line of vehicles with balloons and signs, as a beautiful, personal parade was formed in honor of her and her courageous battle.

The theme for the day, “no one fights alone” was evident as their peaceful hill was covered in painted car windows, car loads of friends bearing balloons, cards, signs, flowers and goodies slowly circling their drive and yelling out to their hero.  

The parade was led by Hempstead County Sheriff, James Singleton. He concluded the event with a prayer for Jessica and her family, followed by a balloon release and the song, “What a Beautiful Name“ sang wonderfully by her dear friend Arnetta Bradford. The performance is posted below for you to enjoy.

Jessica is a fighter, her faith and beauty shines from within. Her family and friends surround her with much love and support. 

Like and follow Jessica’s Journey on Facebook and use the hashtag #JessicaStrong to show your support. Contact Robin Kidd at 870.703.2922 if interested in providing gift certificates to local businesses for food to be provided to this wonderful family that has served our community for so many years.

We would like to thank the Oller family for letting us come out and capture the incredible outpouring of love and support that was shown in our community today. Countless people are praying and we join everyone in praying for a miracle.

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