Fire Destroys House, Damages Two Others

People in the area of Avenue G and North Main St. awoke early this morning to the roaring and cracking of a large house fire that lit up and heated up the entire neighborhood.

The unoccupied rent house at 100 W. Ave G was already completely engulfed when the call came in around 4 a.m. and the Hope Fire Department and Police Department were dispatched to the area. Pafford EMS, Hope Water & Light and CenterPoint Energy also responded.

There was no saving the house so firefighters were tasked with preventing the fire from spreading to the two nearby houses. The fire put off extreme heat, causing some damage to the nearby houses. The fire quickly consumed the old wood-framed house, taking it to its foundation in less than an hour.

Officers were told by neighbors that no one currently lived in the house. Contact was made with the homeowner who was notified that the house was a complete loss.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire to determine if it was an accident or a criminal act.


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