Firefighters Save Home in Weekend Fire

Firefighters were able to save the home of Verna May Stuart over the weekend after a fire broke out in the kitchen of her home located in the 200 block of East Beech St.

Stuart said she didn’t know if anyone was cooking in the house at the time but she knew something was very wrong when she woke up to find smoke in her bedroom and her kitchen on fire. Stuart was able to make it out of the house and call 911.

Dispatchers got Hope Police, Hope Fire and Pafford EMS notified and en route to the fire and notified them there was possibly still someone inside the residence.

Officers and firefighters arrived on scene quickly and found a smoke rolling out of the house. A man was seen coming out of the house but with a report of someone possibly still inside, firefighters conducted a complete search to make sure no one was missed. The man was apparently the last to exit the residence and no one else was located inside.

Firefighters found the kitchen stove and the area around it in flames when they entered the residence and were able to get it out before it spread further, preventing a complete loss for Stuart and those who live with her. They cleared the smoke from the house and searched for any hotspots that could cause the fire to flame back up.

Stuart was treated on scene by Pafford EMS but declined transport to the hospital.

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