Fish Fry and Auction Raises Thousands for Hope in Action

The community came out in a big way to raise money for Hope in Action at the Hope Fair Park Coliseum last Thursday. From the volunteers to those who came and opened up their wallets, the people of Hempstead County helped to raise several thousand dollars for the local organization that has done so much over the years to help those in need.

The Hope Lions Club set up their fryers and cooked up their famous fish for the Hope in Action fundraiser. The coliseum was filled with people eating and a line of people getting orders to go. Volunteers from the Lions Club, Unity Baptist Church Youth and others served food and drink to those who attended. Along with the fried fish supper, several local bakers baked up a large assortment of cakes, cookies, pies and more which were donated and auctioned off by auctioneer Don Worthey.

Hope in Action Director Helen Byers said that the fish fry brought in about $14,000 before expenses. Once the costs are covered, the rest of the money will go to covering expenses for the Hope in Action shelter and food pantry.

“We really appreciate the support the community, the Lions Club and the volunteers,” Byers said.

Lions Club Vice President and Fish Fry Chairman Nathan Gurth expressed thanks to the community on behalf of the Lions for their support at the fundraiser. Gurth said it really shows the care the people of Hope have for their community. Gurth said, “The Hope Lions Club really enjoyed catering for the Hope in Action Auction and Fish Fry. We always have a great time serving the community with our time, energy and fish. Hope in Action will always have a place in our schedule to help support the effort they do for our community families who can use their help to get back in their feet.”

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