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Four-team practice camp, scrimmage hosted by Prescott Curley Wolves

A Prescott receiver takes on a Camden Fairview defender during the football practice camp that took place at the Prescott Curley Wolves practice field this morning. Photo by Tyler Cox.

A football practice camp was held on the Prescott Curley Wolves’ practice field this morning. In addition to both junior and varsity Prescott teams, squads from Bismarck, Camden Fairview and Magnolia took part.

The event started at 9 a.m. for the junior high teams and at 10:00 a.m. the varsity teams took the field, all playing in scrimmages against one another. An ample supply of water was on hand as the teams pushed, shoved, ran, tackled and caught and defensed passes in 87-degree high humidity.

The varsity Curley Wolves showed the strength of their offensive backfield, often springing their runners loose against the Magnolia defense. On defense, the Wolves simply seemed too quick to allow any other team offense’s attempts to get anything going. About halfway through the varsity scrimmage, Coach Brian Glass said he was liking what he saw.

The varsity Curley Wolves host Bismarck for the first game of the season August 23.

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