Governor Asa Hutchinson Appoints New Director of Strategic Affairs, Director of Policy and Agency Affairs

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson today announced the appointment of John Eddy as Director of Strategic Affairs and Chris Fletcher as Director of Policy and Agency Affairs.

Mr. Eddy joined Governor Asa Hutchinson’s staff as an economic advisor in 2021. Mr. Fletcher joined the Governor’s staff in 2019 as a legislative liaison.

“John and Chris have played significant roles in my administration,” Governor Hutchinson said. “John played a key role in several economic development projects, including the largest private investment in Arkansas history with the $3 billion U.S. Steel plant. Chris has assisted cabinet agencies while helping develop outdoor recreation programs. John and Chris each have hard-won experience that will benefit Arkansas as they assume their new roles.”

Mr. Eddy, who joined the Governor’s staff in 2021, graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Politics and Global Studies. He has served with numerous private equity firms and the Republican National Committee and in the public sector at the Department of Justice in the Attorney General’s Office.

“It has been a humbling honor helping Governor Hutchinson achieve historic successes in cutting taxes to the lowest point ever, achieving the lowest unemployment rate, and guiding the largest private investment in state history,” Mr. Eddy said. “Under Governor Hutchinson’s remarkable, steady guidance, we have set a secure future for coming generations. His next-generation leadership creates a bright and equitable future for all Arkansans to achieve their dreams.”

Mr. Fletcher, who joined the Governor in 2019, graduated from the University of Arkansas with Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and History and a Master’s in Anthropology. While serving in the Arkansas Department of Agriculture and in the Governor’s Office, Mr. Fletcher completed an additional Master’s in Public Administration.

“It has been a privilege to serve the Governor for the last three years, and I am thrilled to be offered the opportunity to step into a new role in his administration. I have been humbled to assist the Governor in major initiatives in outdoor recreation, energy policy, future mobility, reducing red tape, and supporting the tourism economy,” Mr. Fletcher said. “I have a deep passion for policy development and am forever grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the Governor and the people of Arkansas.”

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