Gubernatorial candidate James R Russell III’s campaign to host “Happy Others Day” in Harrison in celebration of Arkansas’ marginalized and oppressed groups

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Campaign to Elect James R Russell III will host “Others Day” from noon to 8 p.m. on Sunday, June 27, 2021, at Minnie Harris Park & Stage in Harrison.

This event is dedicated to every Arkansan who has been demonized, ostracized or made to feel like an “Other” by legislation passed during the 93rd General Assembly.

The first “Others Day” was held on Saturday, May 8, 2021, the day before Mother’s Day, in the wake of the many hateful bills passed by the Arkansas Legislature this year.

“I made the decision to run with “Others” because the underlying ideology being promoted by the regressive laws is known academically as “Otherization” or “Otherness” – a means of creating division, marginalizing and dehumanizing a population or people for the purposes of control, exploitation, etc…” Russell explained.

So who are the “Others?”

• Those who continue to suffer with ethnic discrimination and hatred that has been emboldened in recent years.

• Women and LBGTQIA+ persons whose rights have been infringed upon; being deemed “lesser” in the eyes of the state.

• Survivors of abuse or neglect who had difficulties obtaining mental healthcare to recover from their traumas.

• Families who have lost loved ones to violent crime, gun violence, or drug overdose. • Families who lost loved ones due to the failed response of our leaders in the COVID19 pandemic.

• Friends, loved ones, and allies whose support and voices are desperately needed by the rest of our state. This event will be only one of many upbeat days of unification around the state for all Arkansans and will feature music, food, drinks, entertainment, and speakers throughout the afternoon.


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