Hale keeps moving forward, trusting in her faith

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
As Prescott-native Rachel Hale called in for a press interview this week, she was sitting at a California airport enroute to Orlando, Florida for a ministry promotion; after going back to Redding, California for a few days, she is on a plane again next week, only this one will be Arkansas-bound as she will appear Friday, March 1 in concert at Hempstead Hall as part of the 2019 Outdoor Expo.
Hale said Monday “Ministry is the cornerstone of my life, of what I do, and what I do in the future, whatever God’s plan is.”
Since she was last in Hope and Prescott during a swing of August 2017 appearances, including the Hope Watermelon Festival, Hale has been in Redding, attending the Bethel School of Ministry, and she is currently set to graduate this May.
And, continuing as a singer and songwriter, Hale has been collaborating with Nashville Life Music, and she released an original song, Firm Foundation, which Hale co-wrote with Piper Jones and Sean Fallonin, in March 2018.
Hale also celebrated the 2018 holiday with a Christmas single “Can You Hear the Sound,” and she said Monday that she looking forward to another new release in later this year in late March.
In March, Hale is on a plane again, set to go on a group mission trip to Brazil to aid victims of sex-trafficking in the region. Brazil is currently the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world.
“I keep trusting in the Lord, and keep moving forward,” she said citing what has been a fitting personal mantra of hers, “We will be safe traveling there; it is an organized group”
And, if ministry and music weren’t already a handful, Hale has also been working part-time at the ABC affiliate in Redding, KRCR News Channel 7, training as a producer. She also appeared on a special broadcast segment dedicated to her appearances on American Idol.
Hale said, “I like the idea of one day continuing ministry through my own television program or Christian variety-style show; I would like to continue singing and performing.”

Rachel Hale returns to southwest Arkansas for a March 1 performance at Hempstead Hall. (File photo)

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