Halloween Contest

Halloween Costumes – Themed Groups

Kylar (left), age 4, Halloween princess
Devon (right), age 6, Scarecrow
Salem Short, 7, Sloan Byrd, 10- Scary Skeleton Crew

The Addams FamilyMatt West/  Uncle FesterCandie West/ Granny FrumpTJ Landes /  Gomez AddamsSarah Landes / Mortitia AddamsDalton West 13/ Pugsley AddamsCarley Grace West 13/ WednesdayAddamsJacob T West 9/ Cousin ITJames Landes 3/ LurchCooper Landes a 1 1/2 month/ Baby Pubert Addams 

Haelyn 9 Olivia 6
Fisher Yocom, Cat in the Hat,1 year old, Lucas & Lawson White/Twins, Thing 1 & 2- 2 months old.

Parker and Ruby Kayte!
Ages 4 and 3
Jimmy Dougan and Dottie Hinson from A League of their Own.
Left to right

Evan Johnson, age 4, Rocket Man
Ella Johnson, 22 months, Little Miss Pumpkin
Emma Johnson, 7 years old, Ona from Frozen

Brookelynn Sanders- Age 5, Scary Witch
Will Sanders- Age 10, Omega 
Thomas Sanders- Age 3, Baby Shark
The Honeycutt’s 
Themed Group 
The Flintstones
Costume- Lilo and Stitch – Berkley Belk and Truett Belk
Ages: 3 years and 4 months old
Officer Will Sitzes age 4 years and Mack the bandit age 7 months
Tiffany Cobb, 30… Chloe Cobb, 9… Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

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