Hamilton Haven – A Dream Quickly Becoming Reality

Prescott native Michele Hamilton Rhodes is finally witnessing dreams become a reality with renovation underway for Hamilton Haven, a temporary home for displaced individuals. Rhodes, Hamilton Haven’s Executive Director, was on her daily walk one evening and while walking by the property located on East Second Street knew that this would be the perfect location for what she and her family had envisioned. She immediately went into action, purchasing the property and making phone calls to businesses and individuals within the community, getting them on board with her idea.

Donations began pouring in and volunteers began to step up to help and, in the summer of 2018, Hamilton Haven was finally under construction. With the support from local businesses, civic organizations, fundraisers and private donations, they have completely gutted and remodeled the home, added all new appliances, painted the outside of the home and added a deck to the back. They have a diverse group of volunteers of different ages, race, and career backgrounds that have devoted their time and skills to see this project come to fruition.

Located at 350 East Second Street North in Prescott, Hamilton Haven is scheduled to open in January 2020. Hamilton Haven will be available to citizens in Nevada, Hempstead and surrounding counties for those who have lost their home due to fire or natural disaster, those temporarily stranded, and others as determined by Hamilton Haven Leadership.

State Representative Danny Watson recently visited Hamilton Haven and is enthused about the facility, “That’s what we need here, I’m excited about this being located here in Nevada County,” said Watson.

Hamilton Haven is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible. Anyone interested in learning more about Hamilton Haven, volunteering or donating to the organization may contact Ms. Rhodes at 870-403-8096 or email [email protected]. You may also contact them through the Hamilton Haven Facebook page (, Instagram (hamiltonhaven870) or Twitter (@HamiltonHaven1).

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Hamilton Haven Leadership and Support teams:

Executive Director

Michele Hamilton Rhodes

Board of Directors

Verion Redic Adams, Secretary

William Craven

Nicole Hamilton, President

Barry Higginbotham

Rev. Ron Majors

Brenda Williams, Chief Financial Officer

Executive Director Assistant

Sheila Cannon


Christy Higginbotham

Legal Consultant

Rowe Stayton

Grants/Development Coordinator/Public Relations

Nathan Tidwell

Hospitality Coordinator

Joyce Wesson

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