HAPPENING NOW: Protest at Prosecutor’s Office

A protest is underway across the street from the Prosecuting Attorney Christi McQueen’s office at 301 W. 16th St. in Hope, Arkansas.

Brandi Lepard, a citizen of Nevada County and the organizer of the protest, stated that the aim of the protest is to get equal enforcement of laws against all citizens, regardless of who they are.

Brandi Lepard, Organizer of the Protest
Prosecuting Attorney Christie McQueen, Source: https://www.facebook.com/McQueenforPA/

Lepard’s parents, Scott and Donna Ramsey, both of Hope, were killed in a fatal car crash with Kristie Brown on May 29, 2015 near the feed mill in Emmet. Which, according to the Arkansas State Police, was caused by Kristi Brown hydroplaning across the center line and striking the Ramsey’s vehicle who were pronounced dead at the scene.

Kristie Brown, Source: Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office

Lepard said that McQueen did not prosecute Brown for her parents’ death and that since that time, Kristie Brown was charged and plead guilty to three counts of Sexual Assault in the First Degree, a Class A Felony, on October 24, 2016. The State alleged that, on three separate occasions, Brown engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor while the defendant was in a position of trust or authority over the minor. Brown negotiated a plea deal with McQueen for a sentence of ten years probation.

Since that time, on July 19, 2020, Brown was arrested on allegations of Driving While Intoxicated and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in the Second Degree.

The protestors though say that their protest is more than Kristie Brown, it’s about Christi McQueen. Lepard stated: “Christi McQueen needs to do her job or she needs to get out of office.”

Christi McQueen has been the elected prosecuting attorney for Hempstead and Nevada Counties since 2010 and is up for re-election in 2022.

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