HAPS Honors Announced

Ken MClemore

HOPE – Two eighth grade students at Hope Academy of Public Service have been recognized as going beyond the norm in service, attitude and character as the 50th Boy and Girl of 2020, as year-end academic honors were announced Monday.

HAPS Principal Dr. Carol Ann Duke named Vincent Marks and Edith Dominguez the 2020 honorees.

Dr. Duke established the award in 2017 to honor the boy and girl at HAPS best fitting the concept as explained in a 1923 academic essay by Dr. Frank Crane.

“About one boy or girl in fifty will remain after the event and of their own accord and offer to help clear the things up or to wash the dishes,” the essay notes.

The 50th Boy and Girl demonstrate disciplined conduct, friendliness, honesty, sportsmanship and integrity.

“They are not afraid to do right nor ashamed to be decent; they look you straight in the eye,” the essay explains. “They tell the truth, whether the consequences to them are unpleasant or not. They stand up straight and are honest.”

Academic honors announced by Duke included the following:

All “A” grades for the year – Fifth grade, Samantha Lozano; sixth grade, Rosa Paredes, Dani Thomason, and Kyleigh Williams; seventh grade, Jena Brown, Maci Clark, Wynter Smith, and Angelina Soto; eighth grade, Katie Arroyo, Amber Cisneros, Edith Dominguez, Tara Henry, Priscilla Moreno, Payton Rhodes, Kayla Wyatt, and Axel Yhoss.

“A/B” grades for the year –

–Fifth grade, Juan Arroyo, Riley Bramlett, Maddison Brown, Austin Courtney, Ella Lafferty, Drake Mathis, Cole Ramsey, Sofia Serrano, and Jaime Young.

–Sixth grade, Crystal Basilio, Lydia Bobo, Maleki Briggs, Landon Dougan, Grace Easterling, Brianna Maclaughlin, Madelyne Maclaughlin, Madison Phillips, Erick Salazar, and Winston Wang.

–Seventh grade, Oliva Adams, Carter Berry, Gustavo DeLaRosa, Shelby Gilbert, Aubrey Hart, Ava Hawthorne, Dylan Johnson, Esmeralda Leon, Lydia Martin, Kennedy Phillips, Brayden Russell, Cherish Thomas, Anaya Thornton, and Arrington Turner.

–Eighth grade, Gizzelle Alonzo, Ana Alvarez, Jordan Brooks, Kaden Brown, Destinee Dickson, Tatyana Flemons, Caydon Helmick, Jessie Hernandez, Eddrick Lard, Vincent Marks, Jose Martinez, Alexis Smith, and Aracei Torres.

Sporting masks to compensate for “social distancing,” Hope Academy of Public Service Principal Dr. Carol Ann Duke, center, introduced the 50th Boy and Girl awards for 2020. Eighth graders Vincent Marks, left, and Edith Dominguez, right, were recognized with the annual award. – Ken McLemore/Hope Public Schools

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