HAPS Hosts Celebratory Community Coffee

Hope Public School’s Academy of Public Service hosted last weeks community coffee in their cafeteria on campus. HAPS served many great appetizers and treats to all the supportive locals as they all gathered to promote the school and it’s mission.

Many individuals from the school’s staff were present as well, to celebrate as they announced the completion of their new play ground pavilion, donated by New Millennium in Hope. The pavilion covers what the school calls their “Outdoor Education Area” next to the playground, where teachers and students can have class outside. 

HAPS Principal, Dr. Carol Duke spoke on behalf of the school under the pavilion and seemed elated about the future of the school. “This is a place of pride and peace for our school and I sometimes catch myself sitting out here enjoying the nice weather when things are on my mind. We’ve had a plaque made to show New Millennium how thankful we are for the donation of our pavilion,” said Duke. “Thank you to everyone who supports our school and came out to celebrate with us.”

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