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HAPS recognized for students’ ACT Aspire scores

Hope Public Schools Communications:

HAPS administration received the following letter regarding students scores on ACT Aspire.

Dear Principal Duke,

Congratulations! Hope Academy of Public Service has been recognized by the Office for Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas as a school where students demonstrated high growth on the ACT Aspire!

As you may know, the OEP creates an annual report entitled the Outstanding Educational Performance Awards where we recognize schools with high student academic growth. We think growth is the best indicator of the positive impact that your school is having on students.

In our Middle School Level report published today, Hope Academy of Public Service received the following awards:
High ELA Growth (Statewide)

High Overall Growth (Southwest region)

High ELA Growth (Southwest region)

We provide badges for placement on your school’s website (attached), and personalized paper awards will be sent to the district later this school year.

Awards are based on the 2022 content growth score calculated by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. These growth scores reflect how much students at the school improved from 2021 compared to how much they were expected to grow considering prior achievement. We recognize schools based on Overall growth, as well as for growth in Math and English Language Arts separately. To learn more about how we determined the OEP award winners and to see the full list of award recipients, you can view the report here.

We congratulate you on this accomplishment and hope that you will share this good news with teachers, students, and others who contributed to your school’s success.

For updates and insights, follow our blog at https://oep.uark.edu/blog/, and to be added to our weekly updates and roundup of education news, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Sign me up!”

Congratulations again on your OEP Growth awards!


Sarah McKenzie, PhD

Executive Director
Office for Education Policy
University of Arkansas

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