HAPS Students Making Masks

Ken McLemore

HOPE – Students of Jacqueline Brady in the EAST program at HAPS brainstormed a Holiday Mask Fundraiser for classroom supplies this year.

Styles in stock include camo, Razorback, gingerbread, and holly berry. Designs can be customized, and masks can be made from material provided, Brady said.

“We have a quick turnaround,” she said. “Masks start at $3 each and the proceeds are to be used for various classroom supplies and projects.”

Project leaders are Kennedy Phillips and Ava Brown, and team members include Zuany Leva, Maleki Briggs, and Ivan Sanchez.

Clinton Primary School teacher Eddra Phillips and Hope High School teacher Michele Lloyd, along with volunteer Marlon Ward, have provided sewing machine support and supplies, and CPS teacher Kayla Bowden has donated material, Brady said.

“Please contact us if you need some really cool masks,” she said.

Call 777-3454, ext. 411, for information.

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