HCSO Arrests Three for Aggravated Robbery

Hempstead County Sheriff
Press release

On December 20, 2020 at approximately 5:00 am, Deputy Manuel Rodriguez was dispatched to 223 Hempstead 15 in reference to a male being assaulted and robbed by a black male and two white females. Central Dispatch advised that the caller stated that suspects left in a gray in color Pontiac G6 towards Highway 73.

Upon arrival Deputy Rodriguez observed a male walking in the driveway of the residence, the male identified himself as the victim Mark January, who said he was assaulted and robbed by an unknown black male, and two white females. Victim stated that he knew one of the females and identified her as Jessica Williams.

Victim told the deputy that he went to Valero gas station located 1201 North Hervey Street, in Hope, Arkansas, and that he saw Jessica at the Valero gas station and they started talking. He stated that Jessica asked him for a ride to her house.

Victim stated that while he was talking with Jessica at the Valero gas station, he observed a gray in color vehicle passing by several times. January stated that while they were in their way to Jessica’s residence Jessica was acting strange. Victim stated that upon arrival to Jessica’s house he observed the gray in color vehicle he saw passing by Valero gas station parked in the driveway of the residence.

Victim stated that he asked Jessica if she knew the person driving the gray vehicle. Victim stated that grabbed a baseball bat that was in the floor of the vehicle. Victim stated he asked Jessica how many people was inside the gray car. At that time Jessica told him to step out of the car. Victim stated that Jessica then received a call on her cell phone and she stepped out of his vehicle and he observed someone walking towards him.

Victim stated that he got out and that he observed a black male and a white female walking towards him and also, he observed Jessica walking towards him with the baseball bat in hand. Victim stated that the black male was holding what he believes was a short metal pipe.

The victim was attacked by the male and the two females. Victim stated that the black male hit him in the left side of the head behind his left ear while he was attempting to defend himself Jessica Williams approach him and hit him a couple of times with the bat. Victim stated the black male chased him around to the front area of the house and then the black male grabbed him from behind and put him on the ground. While the male was holding him down, the two females were taking items out of his vehicle.

Victim stated he observed Jessica and the other female placing items from his vehicle them in the trunk of the other vehicle. Victim stated that before the male released him the male advised him to stay down on the ground until after they left the property. Victim told the deputy that the suspect vehicle drove towards highway 73. In a grey in color Pontiac G6 with a busted taillight.

While at the residence the victim advised that the car passing by the residence going south Hempstead 15 was the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle turned around and started traveling North on Hempstead 15 towards highway 73 at a high rate of speed. Deputy Rodriguez initiated his lights and sirens. As the suspect vehicle failed to yield and continued to travel North on Hempstead 15. The suspect vehicle then drove into the ditch on the right side of the roadway.

Deputy Rodriguez observed two white females standing outside of the vehicle. Deputy Rodriguez took the two into custody. Deputy Lupe Becerra arrived on scene and placed the two females in hand restraints the females identified themselves as Jessica Williams and Sheyann Helmick. Jessica and Sheyann advised that a black male was the driving the car, Deputy Becerra and Rodriguez located a black male laying on his back a few feet away from the vehicle.

The male appeared to be breathing but unresponsive. EMS arrived on scene and the male suspect began to talk to the paramedics. The male identified himself as Christopher Edwards. Pafford EMS transported Edwards to Wadley in Hope where he was evaluated and released into the custody of the deputies and transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he was booked on Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Battery In the 2nd Degree, Fleeing, and Breaking or entering. Williams and Helmick were also transported to the Detention Center where they were also booked on Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Robbery, Battery In the 2nd Degree, and Breaking or entering.

Investigators applied for a search warrant for the suspects’ vehicle and recovered the victim’s property from the trunk of the vehicle.

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