HCSO Deputies and Firemen Rescue 30 year old Male from a House Fire in Fulton

On December 30, 2020 at approximately 4:21 pm, Deputy Kyle Malone and Layton Medlen were dispatched to 211 Ogan Street in Fulton regarding a residence being on fire. Dispatch advised the deputies that there were people still inside the residence.

Upon the deputies arrival the Fulton Volunteer Fire Department was on scene. Deputies were advised by one of the Volunteer Fire Fighters that there was still a woman inside the residence. 

Deputies were advised by a fireman who was passing by the residence that they observed smoke coming from the residence and another individual with a water hose spraying water on the house who stated that an elderly woman was still in the house. The fireman entered the residence and escorted the woman out of the residence. Deputies made contact with the 64 year old woman who stated that she and her two 11 year old children one male and one female got out of the Residence, but her 30 year old adult son was still inside near the Southwest bedroom of the residence.

Deputies observed that the Northeast corner of the residence was engulfed in flames, and filled with thick black smoke that made it impossible to see inside the residence. Deputies observed firefighter Clay Antley of the Crossroads VFD enter the residence but came back out a few seconds later and stated the he could not see inside the residence due to the thick smoke and he  could not locate anyone inside. Firefighter Antley then broke out the window to the bedroom and placed a ladder in the window. Deputy Malone climbed the ladder and was unable to see inside the room due to the thick black Smoke. Deputy Malone called out but did not get a response.

Deputies Malone and Medlen and made their way through the smoke along with firemen where they discovered the 30 year old in laying unresponsive in a bathtub.  

Deputies Malone and Medlen removed the unresponsive 30 year old from the tub and carried him out of the residence to EMS personnel. Pafford EMS transported the 30 year old identified as Terrance Wesson to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Texarkana, Texas. Where he was listed in stable condition but still unresponsive.

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