Police Reports

HCSO Incident Log April 16-22

Press release, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office

04/16/2021Warrant Service WR-18-294 Brandon Williams312 South Washington
04/16/2021Theft of Property3000 Block of East Third
04/16/2021Warrant Service 29CR-19-316 & 29CR-19-271 Felony FTA Christopher King312 South Washington
04/16/2021Harassing Communications200 Black of Hempstead 104 North
 04/16/2021 Citizen AssistHempstead 212
04/16/2021Suspicious Person400 Block Hempstead 109
04/16/2021Domestic DisputeHempstead 116
04/16/2021Suspicious PersonHempstead 3
04/16/2021Outside Agency Assist Lafayette County4000 Block of 278 West
04/17/2021Warrant Service 29CR-20-245 Felony FTA Crystal HawthorneHempstead 104 North
04/17/2021Criminal Mischief6600 Block of Highway 278 West
04/17/2021Burglary/Breaking Entering, Theft of Property5800 Block Highway 29 North
04/17/2021Domestic Dispute3100 Block Highway 32 North
04/17/2021Aggravated Assault Arrest Dana Marcum age 44, Domestic Battery 1st Degree, Tampering with Physical Evidence2137 Highway 371 East
04/17/2021Citizen Assist/Info Only200 Block Hempstead 207
04/17/2021Public Intoxication/ Two Arrest. Tyler Beene age 18, Trenton Prendergast age 18700 Block of Hempstead 32
04/18/2021Welfare CheckHempstead 11
04/18/2021TrespassHempstead 304
04/18/2021Welfare CheckHighway 355 South
04/18/2021Warrant Service Wr-20-3537 Whitney Coleman1700 Block East 3rd
04/18/2021Citizen Assist/ Info OnlyHempstead 189 South
04/18/2021Harassing Communications312 South Washington
04/18/2021Medical EmergencyHempstead 307
04/19/2021Warrant Service Wr-12-1996 Sonya Brown312 South Washington
04/19/2021Animal ComplaintHempstead 7
04/19/2021Civil DisputeHempstead 118 East
04/19/2021Medical Emergency/Overdose 2001 South Main
04/19/2021Theft of PropertyHighway 29 South
04/19/2020Alarm CallHighway 29 South
04/19/2021Animal ComplaintHighway 32 East
04/20/2021Warrant Service WR-19-2658 Tonekia Stuckey312 South Washington
04/20/2021Warrant Service for Garland County Chae Askew4500 Block Hempstead 21
04/20/2021Suspicious Vehicle300 Block of Highway 73
04/21/2021Felony Warrant Service/ Tommy Law504 Moses Street
04/21/2021Breaking or EnteringHempstead 55
04/21/2021Theft of Property / VehicleHempstead 17
04/21/2021Disorderly Conduct2500 Highway 67
04/22/2021Alarm Call5700 Block of Highway 67 West
04/22/2021Outside Agency Assist Texarkana P.D.5700 Block Highway 67 West
04/22/2021Warrant Service WR-21-869312 South Washington
04/22/2021Alarm4000 Block Highway 29 North
04/22/2021Civil Stand ByMcNab Loop
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