Police Reports

HCSO Incident Log April 5-11

All Information Provided By The Hempstead County Sheriff Department
04/05/2021Warrant Service WR-19-827 Rakiyia Trotter312 South Washington
04/05/2021Criminal mischief 2nd3000 West Ave. B
04/05/2021Civil Dispute5000 Block Hwy. 278 est
04/05/2021Warrant Service Wr-20-2725 &WR14-3602 Kevin Moses312 South Washington
04/05/2021Animal Complaint100 Block Hempstead 48
04/05/2021Fraud / Media Scam312 South Washington
04/05/2021Warrant Service Wr-20-2923 Gregory White312 South Washington
04/05/2021Warrant Service WR-20-3184 Terry Taylor312 South Washington
04/05/2021Warrant Service WR-20-3157312 South Washington
04/05/2021Warrant Service 29CR-12-212×2 Ashley Youngblood312 South Washington
04/05/2021Theft of Property2500 Highway 67
04/06/2021Harassment200 Block Hempstead 145
04/06/2021Warrant Service 29CR-21-60, 29CR-20-105312 South Washington
04/06/2021Civil Dispute1000 Block Hwy 73 West
04/06/2021Financial Identity Fraud312 South Washington
04/06/2021Animal Complaint Cattle Out312 South Washington
04/06/2021Aggravated Assault6000 Block Hwy 371 East
04/06/2021Unauthorized Use of Vehicle312 South Washington
04/06/2021Medical Emergency300 Block of Hempstead 243
04/06/2021Suspicious Person4000 Block Hwy 278 East
04/06/2021Suspicious Person300 Block of Hwy. 67 East
04/07/2021Suspicious Vehicle100 Block Hempstead 27 North
04/07/2021Domestic Dispute5000 Block Hwy 278 West
04/07/2021Foreign Warrant Service27 MM I-30
04/07/2021Juvenile Matter600 Block Hwy 355 West
04/07/2021Warrant Service WR-16-2559 Amber Torrence312 South Washington
04/07/2021Warrant Service FTA WR-20-3190 Kierra Watkins312 South Washington
04/07/2021Citizen AssistHatfield Hallow
04/07/2021Permitting Livestock to Run At Large2500 Block Hwy 29 North
04/07/2021Fraud Media Scam312 South Washington
04/07/2021Medical Emergency1500 Block of 23rd Street
04/07/2021Medical Emergency1300 Block of Hempstead 8
04/08/2021Public Intoxication3700 Block of Hwy 278 West
04/08/2021Warrant Service WR-18-1650 FTA Delona Drews312 South Washington
04/08/2021Alarm Call2134 Hwy 195 South
04/08/2021Permitting Livestock to Run at Large400 Hempstead 142
04/08/2021Possible Impaired Driver3300 Hwy 29 North
04/08/2021Domestic Dispute100 Block Hempstead 290
04/09/2021Alarm Call5400 Block of Hwy 371 East
04/09/2021Indecent Exposure200 Block Hwy 278200 Block Hwy 278 East
04/09/2021Financial Identity Fraud312 South Washington
04/09/2021Domestic Disturbance No Injury100 Block Oak Street
04/09/2021Warrant Service Wr-20-3065 Rodrick Russ312 South Washington
04/09/2021Theft of Services200 Block of Hempstead 173
04/09/2021Domestic Battery / Endangering Welfare of A Minor Arrested Wayne Bear age 65Lazy T. W Park Road
04/09/2021Criminal Trespass2300 Block of Hwy 67 West
04/09/2021Outside Agency Assist. ASP MVA7000 Block of Hwy 278 West
04/09/2021Domestic Battery Arrested Brandon Elkins age 24100 Block pf Hempstead 166 N
04/09/2021Suspicious Person2700 Block Hwy 355 South
04/10/2021FAA Complaint400 Block of Hempstead 30
04/10/2021Nonsupport Warrant Service 29CR-21-12 Chazz Thornton312 South Washington
04/10/2021 Fire ATV on Fire6252 Hwy 29 South
04/10/2021Outside Agency Assist ASP MVA4200 Block of Hwy 355 East
04/10/2021Public Intoxication Arrested Kadaris Taylor age266200 Block of Hwy 29 North
04/10/2021Suspicious VehicleHwy 32 South
04/11/2021Outside Agency Assist ASP MVA22 MM I-30 Eastbound
04/11/2020Harassing Communications312 South Washington
04/11/2021Domestic Dispute1500 Block of Hempstead 7
04/11/2021Probation Revocation Arrest 29CR-17-73 Jeremy Scott312 South Washington
04/11/2021Theft of Property1600 Block of Hempstead 16
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