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HCSO Incident Log: January 12 – January 19

HCSO Calls for Service / Incidents

January 12, 2022 –

The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls for service from January 12, 2022 – January 19, 2022.

DateCalls / IncidentAddressCommunity
01/12/2022Civil Stand byHighway 67 WestHope
01/12/2022Alarm CallHempstead 248Hope
01/12/2022Terroristic ThreatHighway 29 NorthBlevins
01/12/2022Warrant Served FTA Clifford WitherspoonSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/12/2022Domestic Disturbance No InjuriesHighway 195 SouthHope
01/12/2022Illegal DumpingHempstead 2Hope
01/12/2022Welfare CheckHighway 67 WestFulton
01/12/2022Domestic Disturbance/No InjuriesMain StreetSaratoga
01/12/2022Officer Assist HPDNorth HazelHope
01/12/2022Welfare CheckHighway 67 West  Fulton
01/13/2022Suspicious PersonHighway 278 WestOzan
01/13/2022Medical EmergencyHighway 355 EastPatmos
01/13/2022Possession With Purpose/Arrested Jacob TownsendI-30 27mmHope
01/13/2022Domestic Disturbance/ No InjuriesHighway 29 NorthBlevins
01/13/2022Officer Assist /ASP MVAHighway 67 WestHope
01/13/2022Medical EmergencyHighway 278 WestOzan
01/13/2022Recovered Missing Juvenile/Arrested Christopher Stone Internet Stalking of a Child, RapeHempstead 118Hope
01/14/2022Civil DisputeHempstead 56Hope
01/14/2022Protection OrderHighway 29 NorthBlevins
01/14/2022Warrant Served/FTA Kamorien MonkSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/15/2022Medical Emergency/Unresponsive PersonHempstead 52Shover Springs
01/15/2022Civil Stand ByHighway 29 NorthBlevins
01/15/2022Officer Assist/ASP-MVAI-30 18 MMFulton
01/15/2022Civil DisputeHempstead 308Hope
01/15/2022AssaultHighway 174 NorthHope
01/15/2022Animal ComplaintHempstead 48 and Hwy 73 WestHope
01/16/2022Welfare CheckSouth MainHope
01/16/2022Suspicious PersonHighway 67 EastPerrytown
01/16/2022Citizen AssistHighway 353Guernsey
01/18/2022Harassing CommunicationsHighway 278 WestOzan
01/18/2022Warrant Served FTC/Anna HelmickSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/18/2022Animal ComplaintHighway 29 SouthSpring Hill
01/18/2022Citizen AssistHighway 278 WestOzan
01/19/2022Warrant Served FTA Tatiana StewartSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/19/2022Animal ComplaintHighway 355 EastSpring Hill
01/19/2022Warrant Served FTA La Troy JettSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/19/2022Warrant Served FTA Dawon JacksonSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/19/2022Possession Of Controlled Substance Meth/FTA/Furnishing Prohibited Articles /Arrested Morgan Pritchard – WilliamsSheriff’s OfficeHope
01/19/2022Fire/Log TruckHighway 355Patmos
01/19/2022Civil DisputeHempstead 326Nashville
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