Police Reports

HCSO Incident Report February 25 – March 4

02/25/2021Traffic Stop / Served FTA Warrant Mackenzie Cato900 Block N. Hervey
02/25/2021Warrant Service WR15-3823 Millicent Adams312 S. Washington
02/25/2021Warrant Service WR-20-3158 Lola Degraffenried312 S. Washington
02/25/2021Warrant Service WR-17-305 Jacob Cody312 S. Washington
02/25/2021Fraud Media Scam4500 Block Hempstead 21
02/25/2021Warrant Service WR-09-816 Stephanie Moore312 S. Washington
02/25/2021Warrant Service WR-17-1222 Stephanie Gosnell-Combs312 S. Washington
02/25/2021Assist ASP Motor Vehicle Accident30MM I-30
02/25/2021Assist Citizen3000 Block W.16th
02/25/2021Suspicious Person100 Block Hempstead 326
02/25/2021Assist Citizen7600 Block Hwy 278 West
02/26/2021Warrant Service WR16-2139 Richard Cox312 S. Washington
02/26/2021Warrant Service WR-19-2322 Romell Bradley312 South Washington
02/26/2021Warrant Service WR-162028 Shambreaka Martin312 South Washington
02/26/2021Criminal MischiefHighway 32 West
02/26/2021Warrant Service Felony Linda DaughertyWest Avenue B
02/26/2021Civil Dispute Over LandCR. 8
02/26/2021Burglary / Theft of Property700 Block of Hempstead CR.30
02/27/2021Domestic Disturbance / No Injury5000 Block of Hwy. 278 West
02/27/2021Loitering3000 Block of Hwy. 29 North
02/27/2021Juvenile Matter312 S. Washington
02/28/2021Warrant Service 29CR-19-143 and 29CR-20-226312 S. Washington
02/28/2021Criminal TrespassHempstead CR. 1540
02/28/2021Possession of Controlled SubstanceHervey and Main
02/28/2021Suspicious Person1900 Block of Hempstead CR. 7
03/01/2021Fraud/Media Scam312 South Washington
03/01/2021Burglary/Breaking Entering1000 Hempstead CR. 24
03/01/2021Outside Agency Assist. AHP26MM I-30
03/02/2021Abandoned Property600 Block of Hempstead CR.8
03/02/2021Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Reg400 Block of Elm Hope
03/02/2021Civil Stand By3000 Block of Hwy. 278 West
03/02/2021Fraud Media Scam28th Street
03/02/2021Warrant Service WR-20-2485 Byron Conway312 S. Washington
03/02/2021Warrant Service WR-17-2419 Ibrahim Yousef312 South Washington
03/02/2021Burglary Theft of Property300 Block of Hempstead CR. 17
03/02/2021Outside Agency Assist ASP2600 Block of Highway 73
03/02/2021Medical Emergency 200 Block of Hempstead CR. 108
03/03/2021Fire/ Suspected Arson200 Block of Hempstead CR. 208
03/03/2021Welfare Check100 Block of Sinclair Dr.
03/03/2021Livestock on Highway 500 Block of Highway 299
03/04/2021Warrant Service WR-20-3282 Tommorio Martin312 S. Washington
03/04/2021Warrant Service WR-16-2859 Christopher Murphy312 S. Washington
03/04/2021Warrant Service WR-21-362 Jason Ross312 S. Washington
03/04/2021Warrant Service WR-19-2900 Damesha Vickers312 S. Washington
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