HCSO Investigates Burglary & Theft of Property

Residential Burglary

On June 27, 2020 at approximately 8:00 PM, Deputies responded to 234 Highway 234 Cabin 4 in reference to a break in.

Upon arrival deputies made contact with the female victim who stated that someone broke into her residence and stole her wallet. Deputies are investigating.

Residential Burglary/Theft of property

On June 27th, 2020 at approximately 1750 hours, I was dispatched to 488 Hempstead 37 North in reference to Residential Burglary and theft of property

Upon my arrival, Deputies made contact with the victims. Victims stated they were out of town for two weeks due to work. Victim stated that when they got back on at approximately 4:30 pm hours. Victims stated that they noticed that her cocktail table was missing from her bedroom.

Victim described the table as; Abalone shell cocktail table, 20″ diameter, 16′ ¾ tall, Lisa stated that the table is a collection Mexican side table made on the 1960’s by Arturo Pani Inlaid Onyx with features onyx, specimens surrounded by bits of Abalone, and chunky gold glitter, sestina polished resin. Victim estimated her table for $1800.00.

Deputies are investigating.

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